Com pulire la propria argenteria - How to clean your silvers

How to clean your silverware - How to clean your silvers

There are many articles that explain how to clean your silverware at home, but these methods are most often ineffective or even harmful to your silverware.

For cleaning your jewelery whether it is gold or silver, and for silver services or silver objects we recommend two simple ways for cleaning them:

N⁰1 - For those who want the best

bring your own silverware to the jewelry store.

This is certainly the way that will allow you to get the best possible service

By bringing them to the jewelry store, your items will be checked in every detail, and action will be taken accordingly depending on the item

first of all the object will be put back into shape as it was just made

subsequently, based on the necessary intervention, it will be polished, silvered, golden or galvanized based on the metal in which it is made

zapponato (process that prevents silver from oxidizing while always remaining shiny and clean)

in the case of objects that will be used for food, the object will be treated in such a way that it is not harmful to health and aesthetically perfect

Even for objects made of copper there is no problem, we will put them back as new while still following and preserving their style, whether modern or ancient.

this is briefly what is done to get your item as if you had just purchased it, practically new again.

N⁰2 - For those who are not satisfied

There are tons of ways to clean your silver by yourself, but they are not always suitable for the object we have in hand, in fact sometimes they just make the situation worse

for this reason we offer effective but not aggressive products that will not damage your silver

the advice is as follows:

1) the cloths, for gold or silver, are used to externally polish a jewel or a small to medium sized object that is not very oxidized but only slightly

2) the liquids, for gold or silver, are mainly used to degrease and clean jewelery with mounted stones where it is difficult to clean between the setting and the stone, leaving them immersed will eliminate all impurities

3) the cream is perfect for cleaning large objects with surfaces that are very oxidized, even for many years, using a soft sponge or a piece of cotton, continuing to massage the object will return as shiny as new, to clean the smaller parts , where perhaps it has very fine workmanship, use a soft-bristled toothbrush, then simply rinse with plenty of water, and that's it, we always recommend using gloves and face protection.

By following these simple tips you will get an excellent result with minimal expense.

all the products listed can be found at the following link

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