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Welcome to our world of authenticity and transparency

Declaration of Authenticity


  • We are proud to welcome you into the heart of our company philosophy, where the authenticity of our products is our bulwark.
  • In an era where synthesis and imitation dominate the jewelry market, we have made a fundamental choice: we are committed to offering only natural gems, excluding laboratory diamonds.

Why this decisive choice?

  • Because we believe that the true value of a jewel goes beyond appearance.
  • Our commitment to justice for our clients is essential.
  • We want every customer to be aware of what they are purchasing, understanding that nothing can match the beauty and intrinsic value of natural gemstones.


  • Fair prices, clarity and authenticity are the foundations of our business philosophy.
  • We are committed not only to providing the customer with what they pay for, but also to educate and inform on what makes each jewel genuine and precious, avoiding illusions and empty promises that cannot be kept over time.

Our commitment.

  • We can assure you that our commitment to authenticity is not just a question of marketing, but a profound belief.
  • We are not interested in promoting products that, in our opinion, are overpriced and destined to lose value over time.
  • The beauty of our gems lies in their natural origin, in the processes that created each individual stone, in the uniqueness that only mother nature can offer.

In conclusion

  • We invite you to explore our assortment, knowing that every jewel you choose from us is a declaration of authenticity and an investment in the eternal beauty of nature.
  • We are here to guide you with competence and transparency, so that every purchase you make is an informed and rewarding decision.

Thank you for choosing to be part of our story, made of authenticity, beauty and sincerity.


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You can get a special discount on your cart if you reach a minimum spend of €50. We have a large selection of products to choose from. And if your spending reaches €200, you can also enjoy free shipping!

Assistance Service

Discover all our after-sales and assistance services, even on jewelery not purchased from us.

Any type of jewel, with or without stones, can be repaired, transformed and/or modified as you prefer.

We take care of everything, we send our courier for insured collection, we carry out the work, and we return your jewel as new.

In most cases, a photo and a detailed request are enough to prepare the most suitable quote for you.

Each repair is carefully checked upon acceptance and when the work is completed, guaranteeing you maximum service and our guarantee.

Exclusive Pavan Jewelry Experience

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On all orders over 200 euros we offer free shipping. For national shipments the cost is 11.00 euros. For shipments to Europe, the calculation is done at check-out.

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All our items have thoughtful gift packaging and personalized greeting cards. Do you want a particular package? Send your request and we will be able to satisfy you.

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