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Breastfeeding and Silver

Silver has antibacterial properties, and in the case of open wounds, it lowers the bacterial load allowing rapid healing .

Taking advantage of this characteristic, it has always been used to treat annoying cuts on the nipple that can form during breastfeeding, better known as fissures.

Initially, midwives bent the handle of coffee spoons so they could keep them in contact with the skin under the bra, today there are anatomically shaped nipple covers that fit perfectly and can be worn at all times.

The great thing is that you won't have to use any cream, so just rinse your breasts before and after feeding and wear the nipple cover.

You can wear them always, for a greater refreshing effect, you can put them in the refrigerator while breastfeeding and then wear them super fresh.

Not only is it a product that does not perish, you will be able to use them for every pregnancy, you will be able to give them as gifts or lend them to your friends or pass them on to your daughters one day.

They can also be engraved and you can create a birth diary by engraving the date of each baby who was breastfed with those nipple covers.

The effect is immediate, sometimes just one night is enough to find yourself in the morning without any more annoying fissures.

In many maternity wards they recommend using them a few days before giving birth to prepare the breasts for breastfeeding , and they are recommended even if there are no fissures, so as to be able to prevent them.

Our nipple covers are made of 925/1000 silver, they are not anti-oxide treated and when used they will always remain shiny and white.

For cleaning, specific products for silver can be used, but before using them they must be washed with dish or hand detergents to remove any acid residues.

You can wash them whenever you want, they should not be put in bleach or with chlorine or amuchin based disinfectant products because they could blacken.

If they get dented or damaged they can always be refurbished, contact us for any other needs.

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