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Brand Pavan

18kt gold letter pendants

18kt gold letter pendants

Pendant in 750/1000 gold, yellow

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Price change on items containing gold

Due to the fluctuating price of gold, on items with gold, the price will be confirmed at the time of order, we reserve the right to change the price without notice.


Absolute certainty on the gold purchased: know the fineness and weight before purchasing. The weight is indicated on all our gold products, where it is missing we ask you to request it. The fineness of the metal is also indicated. Would you like to know more? Read our blog.

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Care and maintenance

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Gold jewelry

Keep your jewelry flawless with our annual polish.

Precious stones

Washing your jewelry professionally ensures that the stones shine better and the settings are verified.


Pearls suffer if neglected and can change color, keep them healthy with new threading and moisturizing washes at least once a year.


Better not to leave exhausted batteries in watches with quartz movements. For mechanical movements, both automatic and manual, if the watch is not being used, it is better to wind the watch every now and then, also letting the chronograph parts work, when present. If the watch is used for diving, periodically check the seals of the gaskets.


Untreated anti-oxide silver should be washed with non-abrasive products, use creams like the one you find on our site.

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